A Date Under the Stars

A Date Under the Stars

sdvWhen the sun starts to set and the earth is enclosed with darkness, the moon and stars appear to illuminate the black sky. There is something magical and enchanting with these celestial bodies, deeming it as a perfect time to meet with the most important person in your life. With all the hustle and bustle throughout the morning, you would need a place of serenity to keep you away from all the physical and mental pressures. Nightfall will smoothly give you the classic date setting that you have been yearning for.

A date is a special moment you spend with your beloved. It is only fitting that you choose an excellent spot to celebrate it. At dusk, the stars will become your romantic scenery. To ensure that both of you get to enjoy the evening, you can turn to these 3 date ideas.

Movies in the Park

In Newcastle Australia, couples love to visit King Edward Park as they offer free movies for everyone. While watching the film, the sun and moon will make a brilliant backdrop. You just have to get that blanket and popcorn ready

3 Reasons Why She Will Not Go With You On A Date

3 Reasons Why She Will Not Go With You On A Date

cadfThis is for all those guys out there who don’t even have an idea why they are constantly being rejected by a girl. If you really want to land on a date, it’s time to realize what is wrong and start changing yourself. Girls are quite particular with their partners. It’s either you don’t have the qualities that they are looking for or simply put… you are not extending any effort. Women don’t want guys who make them feel unimportant. What’s the point of dating a girl if you don’t intend to love her?

Assuming that you are after a serious relationship with the girl you are about to date, here are some “must-knows” for guys who are completely oblivious to their flaws.

She has no idea that you are courting her.

Girls can be naive too, especially those who are quite close to guys. If you are planning to court your best friend, the first thing you have to do is clarify what you feel towards her. Do not rush things. An immediate change of your treatment towards her might scare the girl to the extent

Ukrainian Woman: Characteristics and Peculiarities

Ukrainian Woman: Characteristics and Peculiarities

vWhen people buy a food processor, they want it to cook the dough for baking, crush meat, squeeze juice, and many other functions. They also want it not to rust and always be as good as new. If it were possible, then it would be great if it washes!

The Ukrainian woman is like a food processor: she is versatile, yet manages to look good and not to grow old. This article provides TOP 10 advantages the Ukrainian women have.

    1. Self-care. The Ukrainian woman looks after herself. This is an integral part of her daily regimen. In addition, in Ukraine, the hairdresser service costs about $10. In Western countries, feminism and emancipation are not empty words. The European woman does not bother herself with the idea to keep fit and to be attractive. She will choose a husband what she wants because in Europe women are fewer than men. At the same time, the European man must take care of himself, be skilled, earn well, and provide the desired standard of living for his second half.


    1. Self-criticism. She is too self-critical. This is not because of the

The 9 Questions To Ask A Guy To Find Out If He Is The One For You

The 9 Questions To Ask A Guy To Find Out If He Is The One For You

dvLet’s be honest most women feel that they are at a disadvantage when dating men. Invariably dating is an enigma and we have no idea what we are doing. As much as we try to look like we know how to seduce men the reality is we are busting our butts to date with success.

Dating isn’t about getting a guy to like you, he should already like you – you are a Queen! Dating also isn’t about letting a man take the lead. You should take the reins and keep your cards close to your chest.

If you want to date a guy, you’re already attracted to him so all you need to do is assess if he is compatible with you. Below is a dating blue print to use to help you decipher if a guy is compatible with you.

Think about what questions you can use to

1 prove his trust

2 prove that he wants a relationship

3 prove that he wants kids (if you want kids)

4 prove that he is single

5 prove that he isn’t a mysoginyst

6 prove that he isn’t a criminal

7 prove that

Secrets to Have A Successful Dating Relationship

Secrets to Have A Successful Dating Relationship

saRelationships are prone to witness many ups and downs. It is quite interesting to note that only 63% relationships turn into wonderful marriages. According to experts and love gurus, relationships should have few ingredients in order to become successful. Apart from being happy, satisfied and healthy with one another, your bond must have 8 more ingredients. In this short write up, you will get a comprehensive insight through these artifacts.

1. Enjoy One Another: You must enjoy each other’s presence. This is a very simple rule for all relationships to stand the test of time. You should talk and do interesting things together. Beatle Ringo Starr stated that he enjoys his wife’s presence like none other. He declares this as the secret behind his successful marriage of more than 3 decades old.

Cute Fights: You must be prepared to fight smoothly and skillfully. There is no harm in enjoying few conflicts while dating. This is because two different people are bound to have disappointments, disagreements and difference in opinions. However, most successful couples fight with lots of thought and care. A case study that was conducted

Dating Mature Women Some Useful Tips

Dating Mature Women Some Useful Tips

svAre you looking for a mature woman for a date? Well, there are different ways that you could. However, dating mature ladies don’t always imply that you would like to date women way older than you. It’s because there are younger women who are kind of as mature as older women.

Online dating

Through online dating, you’ll be able to find your ideal partner in life quickly. Through this, you don’t need to worry anymore how you can find mature women. You simply need to be a part of a reliable mature dating site. Although you can find just what you’re seeking, there are some things you should make sure when picking an online dating site. And these are given down below.

Avoid fake sites

First off, you must ensure that the website can be reliable. Always understand that there are lots of fake sites in the internet now. It pays to know if the site may be reliable because when you’re registering in any dating sites, they are going to ask you to pay for the membership fee. If you don’t wish to be hassled by these

Bad Break Up – It Hurts, But It Can Be Positive

Bad Break Up – It Hurts, But It Can Be Positive

avThe first thing you will want to do after a bad break up is to let yourself feel the hurt. Don’t bottle it up or push it down and pretend everything is OK. We all know everything is not OK and it is not healthy to pretend you are not hurting. If you ignore it, it will not go away and someday will come back to bite you in the butt.

Now, I don’t mean you have to go off the deep-end either. Never threaten your ex. Nothing good will ever come of threatening someone. There are healthy ways to handle what you are feeling.

You must realize that you will not be over your ex tomorrow. Getting over someone takes time. Make the time constructive and treat it as a time to learn new relationship skills. You will not only be healthier for yourself but also for the next time around with someone new.

So, feel your pain, but do not let it consume you. Put a time limit on it. When the anger starts to surface, and it will, trust me, there are safe ways

Dating Relationship Secrets That Work

Dating Relationship Secrets That Work

dsvA new relationship is often at its sweetest. It is full of infatuation and new growing love for each other. Couples are usually oblivious of each other’s faults at this stage and obvious faults are simply passed up. You let time take its unique course and slowly, you start seeing each other’s imperfections.

These imperfections, when managed well by the both of you can make the relationship stronger than you can ever imagine. Then again, such is a very ideal situation and most of the time, mature relationships can pull this off. For many of those who belong in a new relationship and are just starting to learn the ropes, they start looking for what many would like to call “tips & secrets” to help them pave the way to a relationship that would last them a lifetime.

To every one of us who wants to stay for good with our partners, we are all willing to do just about anything to make it possible. However, to start with, you have to make it clear to yourself that there are no such thing as secrets or

Eleven Tell-Tale Signs That You Have Fallen In-Love With Your Best Friend

Eleven Tell-Tale Signs That You Have Fallen In-Love With Your Best Friend

dvThey say that men and women cannot be ‘just friends’. You realize that this is a little bit true when he entered into the picture.

These are some indicators that platonic relationship is a myth.

Communication is constant

A day would not go without you texting each other. Most nights you wait for the unplanned calls just to talk about anything and everything that happened during the day. His text messages make you giddy and excited all the same.

No room for judgment in the relationship

Since you spend a lot of time talking, you can freely share thoughts and bad decisions without being judged. He may sometimes call you out for being stupid, but he never said that you could not do it better.

You both feel comfortable

It means that you act like an old married couple, who have seen the worst look you could muster and the occasional bad odor. He does not mind, at all.

You think the same

Remember the times you finish each other’s sentences? Yes, you are thinking of the same thing. It is not surprising considering the extended phone calls and hours of coffee hangouts.


5 Major Things That Attract Eastern European Women

5 Major Things That Attract Eastern European Women

erMusing about what attracts Eastern European women, let’s not forget that all ladies are fascinated by different things. What one female loves could be what another girl loathes? Personal taste remains high on the agenda when discussing ladies’ taste in guys.

But in general, there are certain things that Eastern European women, girls admire in men. If they were raised in a post-Soviet Union country such as Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus, pretty ladies positively react to such traits.

Brought up in rather patriarchal societies, females from these locations are more inclined to follow major trends approved by customs as compared to their western counterparts. They also tend to look for each other’s approval, which means how you are viewed by a girl’s family and friends strongly affects her own verdict. You have to impress not only your sweetheart but also her circle of close acquaintances.

5 things that Eastern European women admire

1. The ability to keep one’s word. People of all nationalities find this trait attractive but it is even more important for residents of the former USSR. The unstable situation in these countries makes them appreciate

Why Every Woman Loves a Rose

Why Every Woman Loves a Rose

gvIt’s natural for a man to question why women love roses. They easily wilt and die, then basically cost an arm and a leg. They are indeed trivial gifts… only if you don’t dig deeper. The truth is, women don’t judge based on physical appearances but in what is beneath the surface. A simple rose can speak to a woman’s heart. It really doesn’t matter if you bought it from a flower shop or merely plucked it from your backyard, as long as you are seriously genuine with your gift.

The saying “It’s the thought that counts” is very much true to women. Lavish gifts are nothing if you are not sincere with what you feel. Ladies love the idea that you spent cash on something ephemeral that will generate a guaranteed smile. Don’t ever think that your money is put to waste. You gave her happiness and that is something priceless.

Here’s a peek at why girls love roses.

They are the reflection of her soul

Similar to roses, women are and always have been ethereal and delicate. They undergo a lot of changes in their body

Tips For Dating A Cougar The Right Way

Tips For Dating A Cougar The Right Way

avIf you are not looking for a lifetime partner, maybe cougar dating will suit you the best. Since most people find someone to date without being serious. You should be familiar with the ins and outs of cougar dating in order to make sure you have a great time. Below are some tips that can help you decide if cougar dating is for you. Aside from this, it can help you avoid the mistakes that you cost you a lot. Read on.

Is It For You?

Usually, cougar dating is kind of sex dating where men and women get together to share some sexual moments every now and then. And they don’t have a serious commitment with each other. So, you can set a schedule and hang out accordingly.

Well, honestly speaking, cougar dating is not for everyone. If you are not an outgoing person, you should stay away from this thing. What you need to do is be more formal to quality for this type of relationship. But don’t be too formal as it will make the other person cross the limits.

The Shortcomings

There are many good

5 Tips in Dealing With a Shy Guy – Dating Tips for Women

5 Tips in Dealing With a Shy Guy – Dating Tips for Women

svGuys should pursue women. That is the natural order but what if the guy is so shy? Some women find themselves liking a shy guy and end up so frustrated because they keep waiting for him to do the first move. Dealing with a shy guy could be a challenge and you need to have the guts to make the first move, at least until he gets comfortable around you because sometimes all a guy needs is a girl who can help him overcome his shyness. Are you dealing with a shy guy? Here are some helpful tips.

Do not take his shyness personally. A guy’s shyness has nothing to do with you. A shy guy is naturally uncomfortable around women so do not think that he’s uncomfortable only with you and do not think that something is wrong with you. Shyness is just part of his nature but it has nothing to do with his feelings towards you. Dealing with a shy guy can be very difficult if you will start taking it personally and will start thinking something is wrong with you.

Learn how

6 Tips to Make Him Chase You

6 Tips to Make Him Chase You

sdvIt is not uncommon for women to chase men but still, most women want to be chased and pursued by men. So how to make him chase you?

Play hard to get. Men love to be challenged and they love the chase so play hard to get and make him chase you instead. Men value something or someone he worked hard for. Let him do what men should be doing, that is be the one who pursue women. Give him the feeling that he earned you.

Be mysterious. Spilling every detail of your life or pouring all your feelings is not very attractive to most men. Actually, this behavior could scare men especially if you just met or just started dating. Be a little mysterious and let him wonder about your life. The curiosity will make him chase you.

Always look good. Take care of your appearance. Practice good hygiene and put attention to small details like your feet and nails. Some women love to wear nice sandals and open shoes but sometimes forget to take care of their feet. Dress to kill or wear clothes that

Qualities You Need to Enjoy Dating Over 50

Qualities You Need to Enjoy Dating Over 50

dvMature dating has become extremely common today. However, to succeed in this form of dating one has to understand that dating after crossing the age of 50 years is much different when compared to dating at a young age. The pointers below will inform you about qualities you must have for enjoying dating after completing a half century.

Learn to let go of your baggage

If you are over 50, you surely have a lot of experience. With experience, comes baggage. Here, the term baggage refers to the experiences that don’t leave a good impact on you or the changes taking place in your persona because of those experiences. To enjoy dating after passing your youth, you will have to learn to let go of such baggage. Don’t expect yourself to be as perfect or as pure as you used to be when you were 19. Tell yourself that you might not be the same person you are when you were young, but you surely have developed a number of good qualities that you didn’t have during the early years of your life.

Learn to be direct


6 Traits Men Are Attracted To

6 Traits Men Are Attracted To

sdThere are certain traits that attract men. Every man has their own preference, but there are general traits that make a woman attractive to most men. Here are some of the traits men are attracted to:

A woman’s smile. A smile is a universal language for being friendly and most men are attracted to women with beautiful smile. We often hear people saying “smile and the whole world will smile at you” and it is true. It is an infectious gesture and one of the traits men are attracted to.

A woman’s feminine nature. Not all women are feminine, that is why men love to see the feminine side of women because it is one of the traits men are attracted to. Aside from the long hair, smooth skin, long legs, slim body, soft voice and attractive eyes which are all physical traits, the compassionate kindhearted soul, caring and nurturing nature of women are all feminine nature that are attractive to most men. Being feminine doesn’t mean being overly shy. A feminine woman is sociable, but with good manners and not loud. She carries herself well

Rebound Love Is Not For the Broken Heart

Rebound Love Is Not For the Broken Heart

sdvObliterated beyond recognition, that is the status of your heart.

You are currently broken and is in dire need of a cure. Don’t rush things, you are obviously not ready to enter into a new relationship. You will learn to move on soon, but before that happens, focus on healing yourself. You are still very vulnerable. Pretty soon, you will also become desperate. You’ll be hopeless to find a rebound love to recover from the affection you have lost.

To love another after a failed relationship is not wrong. It only becomes inappropriate when you enter into it even though you are completely aware that you have not yet moved on. This is absolutely unfair to the other person. You’ll be toying with his emotions.

Here are a few reasons why rebound love is definitely not for you.

You won’t let him love you. Being in a new relationship does not guarantee your recovery from the past. This will bring you to continue reminiscing of your Ex and worst is, you might even compare them. You will not see the current one as a ‘real’ person. He will

On Why Being in a Relationship Will Always Be My Choice

On Why Being in a Relationship Will Always Be My Choice

advEvery Time I have dinner and catch-up with my friends, I find myself enjoying the conquests of my single friends and the ‘fun’ they had with their erratic partners. I asked myself whether I am willing to give up a decade worth of a committed relationship for single blessedness and opportunity for boyfriend hopping. Do I love being in a relationship rather be single or have casual boyfriends? Here are my two cents.


My partner and I were good friends back in high school. One day, we just found ourselves ‘dating’. Since we were in high school, it took us years before we could go on proper dates. But, our high school dates were as fancy as it could get. He wasn’t my boyfriend just yet. But, I realize that his antics are far more elaborate before than our date nights now. He admitted that those were to impress me. Does he not want to impress me now? Then I realized that I am as guilty.

When we were five years into the relationship, I knew why I enjoy being in a relationship. We have become

How To Dress Perfectly on That First Date

How To Dress Perfectly on That First Date

dsWe all get nervous when we get asked out to a date and it’s an added bonus if we have been interested in the person for some time before that happens. As soon as we get asked out, our brain hits overdrive and we go through our entire closet in our heads, pairing things and working out an outfit depending on the time of the date.

Don’t get too nervous here are some safe bets that you can work with and look fabulous on that first date from your dress to designer jewelry and footwear. So let’s go:

1. Go Red

Red is the most opted for color when it comes to dates. Men respond well to red and are attracted to it (research proven!). So if you want to look drop dead gorgeous go for a little red dress along with your fine jewelry. It doesn’t always have to be a red dress, you can use a red skirt with a leather jacket or a red blouse but if you think red is not your color, add red to you look by using a simple red

What Would Be the Worst Things That Could Happen On Your First Date

What Would Be the Worst Things That Could Happen On Your First Date

wdefYou glance at the mirror checking out the beautiful lady, then realized it was you. After hours of fussing in your bedroom, you are finally ready to go on your very first serious date. All dressed up, the night is just promising as the lucky guy is someone you only dreamt of before.

Suddenly, Prince Charming turned out to be a toad.

Plan changes during the night

Since it is the first date, you bought a beautiful dress suited for the art exhibit and dinner he said he prepared. But, he suddenly change the plans for the night (at the last minute possible) and opted instead to have a basketball game. You are now dealing with your dress and a pair of high heels walking on a flight of stairs on the grandstand. To top it all off, the crowd was rowdy. Can you spell disaster?

Force you to do something more

For a person to force you to do something you don’t want is wrong, even on your 50th date. If your date pushes you to things you are not comfortable with, then you are up for